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List of 5-a-side Football venues in Trieste

Viale Miramare 79, 34135 Trieste
5/6-a-side Football, 7-a-side Football, 5-a-side Football
Viale Miramare 49, 34135 Trieste
5-a-side Football, 11-a-side Football
Via dell'Istria, 45-53, 34137 Trieste, Italia
5-a-side Football, 11-a-side Football , 7-a-side Football
Via Franca 5/1, Trieste, TS, Italia
5-a-side Football, 2/3-a-side Football
Via dei Mirissa, 26, 34149 Trieste, Italy
5-a-side Football, 7-a-side Football
Via di Chiadino, 2, Trieste, Italy
5-a-side Football
Via San Nazario, Prosecco-contovello, TS, Italia
7-a-side Football, 5-a-side Football
Trieste San Nazario
5-a-side Football
5-a-side Football, Handball
Scala Al Belvedere, 1, 34135 Trieste TS, Trieste
5-a-side Football
Via Marco Tullio Cicerone, 10, 34133 Trieste, Italy
5-a-side Football, Beach Volleyball