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List of 5-a-side Football venues in Tavagnacco

Via Traiano, 33010 Tavagnacco UD, Italia
5-a-side Football, 2/3-a-side Football, 5/6-a-side Football
Via delle Scienze, Udine, UD, Italia
5-a-side Football, 5/6-a-side Football
Via Santa Margherita del Gruagno 67, Udine, UD, Italia
5-a-side Football, 8-a-side Football
Via Traiano, Feletto Umberto, Tavagnacco, UD, Italia
5-a-side Football
Via Carnia, 12, 33010 Feletto Umberto Udine, Italy
5-a-side Football, Volley
Via Cesare Battisti, 17-25, 33010 Tavagnacco Udine, Italy
11-a-side Football , 5-a-side Football, Tennis Singles/Doubles