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List of 5-a-side Football venues in Como

via bellinzona como
5-a-side Football, 7-a-side Football, 11-a-side Football
Via Giovanni Segantini, 22100 Como
5-a-side Football, 5/6-a-side Football, Tennis Singles, 11-a-side Football
Via Friuli 12 22100 Como CO
5-a-side Football, Tennis Singles, Tennis Singles/Doubles
Via Jacopo Rezia, 4, Como, CO, Italia
5-a-side Football, 11-a-side Football , 7-a-side Football
como via madruzza,36
5-a-side Football
Via Monti Maurizio 53, 22100 Como, Italy
5-a-side Football, Volley
Via Alfonso Lissi, 1-13, 22100 Como, Italy
7-a-side Football, 11-a-side Football , 5-a-side Football, 5/6-a-side Football
5-a-side Football
Via Giovanni Segantini, 22100 Como CO, Italia
11-a-side Football , 5-a-side Football
5-a-side Football
Via Acquanera, 43, 22100 Como
5-a-side Football
via Castelnuovo 1 Como, como
7-a-side Football, 2/3-a-side Football, 5-a-side Football
Via Bonifacio da modena como
5-a-side Football